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Photos above from Collector's Edition & Halloween on the Hill Manta Ray - Flower Gardens, Gulf of Mexico 2000.
See the Dive Logs for more.
All photos & illustrations © copyright 2002 through 2018 by Michael Tierney


Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

The Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology is about to have a brother!

Wild Stars 6: Orphan of the Shadowy Moons

June 8, 2021 Announcement!

Michael Tierney and Cirsova Publishing agreed on terms today,
and Wild Stars 6: Orphan of the Shadowy Moons will be serialized in four parts in the 2022 issues of
Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense.

Revealing the origin of the mysterious immortal, the Ancient Warrior,
readers will finally learn his long-forgotten name,
the details behind his doomed romance with Phaedra,
and the nature of the immortals from another universe!

In 2022, the Wild Stars Universe goes through another major expansion with
Wild Stars 6: Orphan of the Shadowy Moons!

Style Section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Newspaper May 16, 2021

Sean Clancy of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette wrote a nice article about the Cosmic Courtship project, with photos by Cary Jenkins.

Style 5-16-21

Click on the image or this link to read his article.

Cosmic Romance

The Cosmic Romance
A Science Fiction Classic That Was Lost For Over 100 Years!

March 12, 2021 Press Release
On Sale Now!

Cirsova Publishing is proud to announce that it has partnered with Michael Tierney and
Robert Allen Lupton to restore and reprint Julian Hawthorne's The Cosmic Courtship, a
never-before-collected pulp Planetary Romance by the son of famed American author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The Cosmic Courtship was serialized across four issues of All-Story Weekly magazine.

Click HERE for all the details!

February 5, 2021 Update
On Sale Now!

Because of delays and getting the artwork so late in the campaign,
Cirsova has decided to scrap the Kickstarter solicition,
and put the Spring 2021 issue ON SALE NOW for early shipping March 5!

This change of plan has resulted a change in what will be available.

The main cover by Anton Oxnuk is available in both paperback and hardcover.

The Genzoman variant cover is availabe in paperback with the traditional trade text,
and as a virgin cover in hardcover.

Publisher Alex Alexander's Chen cover is available in both paperback and hardcover.

So to recap, here are the paperback covers (again, Chen is NOT an Artomique),
click on any paperback cover to be taken directly to Amazon:

Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5 Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5 Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5

Here are the hardcover editons:

Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5 Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5 Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5

Part Two of The Artomique Paradigm is now available:
Wild Stars 5 The Artomique Paradigm Part 2 of 3

The Fall 2021 issue #8 of Cirsova Volume 2, features
the final, Part Three of The Artomique Paradigm, and a Bad Girls of Cirsova cover as (from left to right)
the Red Queen from the Wild Stars joins Tanree from Paul O'Conner's Badaxe (with artwork digitally restored by Michael)
and Kat from Too Many Mangos, the latest installment of Mongoose & Meerkat by Jim Breyfogle.
Artwork by Raven Monroe!

Wild Stars 5 Artomique Paradigm part 3

Available in trade paperback editions from Amazon
and hardcover editions from Lulu.

Wild Stars 5: The Artomique Paradigm is going to be three-part serialization in Cirsova Magazine before the
book edition, and Cirsova had gone all out for their 5th Anniversary edition by commissioning TWO Wild Stars covers!

The main cover is by Anton Oxenuk, who created a fantastic cover for my posthumous
collaboration with Edgar Rice Burroughs on Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She.
Anton's cover is available in both paperback and hardcover.

Wld Stars 5

The Kickstarter exclusive cover is by Genzoman from Udon Studios,
and both covers occur sequentially--which is something I'm not sure had been done before on
magazines or book covers.
Genzoman's cover is available in paperback with the trade dress text on the cover--
and as a Virgin Cover in hardcover!

Genzoman Cirsova #5 cover

This issue of Cirsova is also their first to contain a comic book pages: Reprinting Badaxe issue
#1 from 1989, which I digitally restored for Cirsova.
The three issue of the fantasy adventure Badaxe will run concurrently with my Wild Stars,
and feature some very nice black-and-white artwork that has been out of print for over thirty years.

But that's not the only interior art in this issue.

Dark Filly created several full page illustration for the prose stories.
Here's one of her illustrations for Wild Stars:

Red Queen by Dark Filly

Thank you everyone for your support--past, present, and future!
Here are some shortcut links for your convenience:

July 7th, 2020 Announcment!

reh chronology banner logo

Robert E. Howard
Art Chronology

Created by Michael Tierney

Published by Chenault & Gray
under license by Cabinet Entertainment

Robert E. Howard, Conan, and other REH Properties are ®Trademarks and ©Copyrights
of Cabinet Entertainment, and are used by permission.

The contracts between the Conan Properties and Robert E Howard Properties, and publisher Chenault & Gray
were finalized over the Independence Day weekend.

Click this link for the official announcement!

My Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology is about to have a brother!

Michael Tierney--July 5, 2020


2nd July 7th, 2020 Announcment!

Sold the 1st serial rights for my latest novel, Wild Stars 5: The Artomique Paradigm,
to Cirsova Publishing yesterday. It will be serialized in Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling
Adventure and Daring Suspense in 2021. The book release will follow later.

Wild Stars 5 announcement

Wild Stars revealed

July 10th, 2020 Announcment!

My Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She, posthumously co-authored with Edgar Rice Burroughs,
was the featured topic of dicussion for the latest issue of the Gridley Wave, published by the Burroughs Bibliophiles!

You can read this issue of the Gridley Wave in its entirity here.
Reprinted by permission.

If you enjoyed the Gridely Wave, they are offering a Young Tarzan special
for new members who join this Edgar Rice Burroughs fan organization,
which includes copies of their slick magazine, the Burroughs Bulletin! Just Click this link.

On New Year's Day, 2020, Cirsova published their list of Awards Eligible stories, which features 3 works by Michael Tierney:

Wild Stars 4: Wild Star Rising heads up the list, alone in the novel category.

Wild Stars 4 Time Warmageddon

Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She, posthumously co-authored with Edgar Rice Burroughs, tops the list of short stories.

The Grimgrip, a Wild Stars bonus short story published in the new edition of Wild Stars 3: Time Warmageddon .

Young Tarzan

New Year's Day 2020 update:

Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She already has a nomination for the 2020 Washington Small Press Award:

Young Tarzan

Wild Stars Omnibus
Wild Stars display Michael Tierney signing Wild Stars

Wild Stars 4 and the 35th Anniversary set of Wild Stars are in stock now!
The dust jacket art for the 726 page Omnibus hardcovers that contains all four volumes is shown above.

Wild Stars 4

Available exclusively at Collector's Edition and The Comic Book Store!
Wild Stars creator Michael Tierney is usually available at one store or
the other to offer free, personalized signings.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and the rest of the world has to wait until October 5th.

wild stars 35th anniversary

Michael Tierney and Cirsova Publishing
team up once again for:

Wild Stars IV: Wild Star Rising

Wild Stars 1 cirsova front cover Wild Stars 2 cirsova front cover Wild Stars 3 new cirsova cover Wild Stars 4
Click on the links or the images above for details about Cirsova's plans to not only release Wild Stars 4,
but also Volumes 1 through 3 in a matching set under new covers, along with a
700-plus page hardcover Wild Stars Omnibus containing the complete saga!

It's all part of the Wild Stars 35th Anniversary celebration!

Even more Wild Stars 35th Anniversary celebration!

Wild Stars RPG cover

Experience your very own adventures into the Wild Stars!

Weekly online comic strip Adventures!
Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Star

Released March 2nd:

Young Tarzan

"Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She" is a short story begun by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1930 and left unfinished until Danton Burroughs asked Michael Tierney to complete it in 2005.
After Danton's tragic death, publication was delayed until the March 2019 issue of Cirsova Magazine, Volume 2 #1.

Here are a couple of pre-pubication articles about Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She:

Here's a link to an article by Paul Hair on Hollywood In Toto.

Here's a link to an article by Deuce Richardson on

Now available:

Gods & Service anthology paperback

"Who is God?" is a social science-fiction short story by Michael Tierney, released December 2019 in the paperback anthology "Gods & Services", edited by R. J. Carter. A mysterious shop appears out of nowhere with a sign that reads Goods & Services, but one of the "O"s has fallen off. The inventory is unusual: lost or forgotten gods who perform services for a price.

Jack's Basement

Cirsova #9

Cirsova #9, Fall 2018, contains Jack's Basement by Michael Tierney, a horror humor story with a twist ending that should appeal to fans of comic books.

Cirsova issues #9 and #10 are now on store shelves.

Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon now on sae!

WS3 cirsova cover
Main cover by Tim Lim. Alternative trade paper cover by Mark Wheatley.
Wild Stars 3 - alternate cover Cirsova edition

Hardcover dust wrapper cover by Mark Wheatley, presented in virgin format without type or bar code.
Wild Stars 3
Click the images above or this link for more details!
To read what the critics thought of WILD STARS I and II, visit the REVIEWS PAGE.

Michael Tierney's bibliography can be found here!

The Criteria for Admission Into the Galactic Community

Cirsova #7

Cirsova #7

This issue includes The Criteria for Admission Into the Galactic Community, Michael Tierney's third contribution to the magazine.
The title tells you that this is a science fiction story.

It is available now, or you can mail order by clicking this link or the image above.

Like the following Edgar Rice Burroughs' 100 Year Art Chronology, this publication is funded on Kickstarter.
Also like the ERBAC project, it was quickly funded, surpassing its target goal by 500% on the second day!

Available NOW:

Speaking of which, the Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology (order link) went on sale June 2018!

Click on any of the images below if you'd like to read more about the
ERBAC v1 wraparound cover
ERB Art Chonology V2 wraparound cover.
ERB Chronology V4

The Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology was a huge success on Kickstarter.
And the preorder sales never slowed down after that.
With advance orders still bing shipped, the publisher has informed me that the first printing has ALREADY SOLD OVER 70% of its run!
A second printing is already being planned.

Edgar Rice Burroughs' 100 Year Art Chronology -- Kicktraq Mini

You can read all the details here: >

I've also set up a page filled with teaser images: Edgar Rice Burrough's 100 Year Art Chronlogy

The online magazine Castalia House has run a series of interviews with Cirsova authors, and mine is now online here.

The interviewer, Scott Cole, asked a lot of great questions that covered not just my stories in Cirsova magazine, but also about my Wild Stars comics and books, my experiences as a comic book retailer, and about my Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology.

Cirsova #5

The Bears of 1812

Michael Tierney has a new story in Cirsova Magazine #5 (Spring 2017), which is now out for sale!

My story in Cirsova #2 was Shark Fighter, a psychological horror story.
This one is a historical fantasy titled The Bears of 1812.

The Bears of 1812 features native American legend Sacagawea from the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and her involvement in the War of 1812. As I told the editor; "The stuff you'll think I made up is the stuff that really happened." There were many incredible historical events during that time, and Sacagawea's history easily weaved right into the heart of it. 

Michael Tierney -- April 5, 2017

Follow this link (or the link on the lefthand column site map) to discover film, news clips, and classic advertisements tracing the history of Collector's Edition, The Comic Book Store, and the comics industry in general over the last 4 decades!

You'll find every video on the website, plus many new videos showing major events like the censorship battle with the state legislature, the Death of Superman, and the Bankruptcy of Marvel Comics.

This month's featured blast from the past is She-Hulk's visit to Little Rock back in the Nineties!

Shark Fighter

Cirsova #2
Featuring Michael Tierney's new short story, Shark Fighter,
we currently have a limited supply of each cover of the paperback editions at both stores
Shark Fighter is a tale of horror beneath the deep blue sea, see if you can guess the Wild Stars connection. It's tenuous, but it is there.
For more information about this issue, visit this link.

Another Cirsova contributor mentioned my Shark Fighter story during his YouTube GeekGab podcast (visit this link).
Check it out starting at the 25 minute mark and continuing through when the host shouts:
"Stop the bus! A guy's fighting a shark!"
"Stop the bus!"
I'll take that review!
"Well written and there is a powerful emotional punch at its core."

"...not light fare, but .... meaty and gripping adventure"

"a grim sort of redemption"
2017 Wild Stars ad