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All WILD STARS I images shown without text and Copyright 2001/2002 Michael Tierney


Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon

Wild Stars 3 Time Warmageddon Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon


Tara Cuvelier at rated Wild Stars III as an 8.8 on a scale of 10.

Tara described the basic concept of the Wild Stars as being:
". . . absolutely awesome."

About the story she said:
"The plot kept me engaged throughout.
It is definitely a fast-moving story, dropping you into the action right from the beginning.
There really are no slow spots . . .
There is so much happening--time travel, interdimensional travel, ships that can move planets around, and more.
It's a very richly imagined world . . . I thoroughly enjoyed the energetic romp that is Wild Stars III."

You can read Tara's review in its entirety at has Wild Stars III rated 5 out of 5 Stars:

A strong addition to the series

The Wild Stars series is built for people who want a story that is rich with drama, thick with story...
Michael does a good job of making this a stand alone story or jumping on point...
If you're looking for well developed original content then this is a book series you need to check out.

Here are excerpts from a Review on Passing It Forward:

". . . a manly hunk of manliness . . .
"Wild Stars III will put hair on your chest."

June 21, 2019 Update!

All three versions of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon are SOLD OUT.

So far only the regular version has been listed on Amazon, with a list price 50% higher than the original sale price.
The trade paper and hardcover variants by Mark Wheatley are simply not showing up for resale.

But help is on the way.!
As part of the Wild Stars 35th Anniversary celebration, Cirsova publishing
is about to reissue the entire 4-volume Wild Stars set with new covers!

All FOUR you ask?
Yes. A NEW Wild Stars 4 is being released as part of the celebration!
You can find all the details about the reissues, AND the new 700-plus page hardcover omnibus HERE!

July 28, 2018 Update!

All the versions of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon have arrived and orders are being packaged now.
Everything ships Monday.
This has got to be one of the faster Kickstarter turnarounds to delivery.

Five weeks ago my four-volume Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology started shipping,
so this gives me five new book releases in five weeks.
I wonder if I will ever equal or top that in the future?
Wild Stars 3 arrived Wild Stars 3 shipping

July 19th Update!

The variant hardcovers have arrived!

Both magazine versions should arrive next week and shipping will happen early the following week.!
WS3 hardcover variant

July 1st Update!

The Kickstarter has successfully wrapped!

The chart below shows the very last hour from 11PM CST to Midnight as a seperate day.
So you can see that it was a very strong finish!

Thanks! everyone for your fantastic support.
This was Cirsova's best Kickstarter so far.

Wild Stars 35th Anniversary: Time Warmageddon -- Kicktraq Mini

June 25th Update!

Orders for the limited editions of Wild Stars 3 close in six days (mass market editions release next year).

Here's what the critics said about Wild Stars 1 and 2:
"Delivers staggeringly new SF concepts . . . innovative . . . brilliant . . .
absolutely beautiful stuff . . . tremendous . . . very strong story . . .
real treasure . . . energy, creativity, and adventure . . . as good as you can get . . . very engaging . . .
once it starts there's nowhere to get off until the last page . . . wouldn't leave my hands until I got to the end . . .
epic story told on the grandest of scales.

For details and more reviews, visit:

June 23rd Update!

Scott at Castalia House has published a great interview about Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon. Read all about it here!

June 18th Update!

The $2500 bonus level has been achieved as a Cirsova Special
hardcover edition of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon!

This bonus level includes a new cover for that hardcover's dust wrapper.
Shown below is Mark Wheatley's spectacular wraparound image of an
interdimensional octo-squid attacking a space ship -- which will be
presented in a virgin format (without text or bar code).

This is just one more reason why these are called the WILD Stars!
Wild Stars 3 variant hardcover edition art

Wild Stars 3 alternate cover

June 16th Update!

Sales have passed the $2000 bonus level and Mark Wheatleys impressive variant cover is now available for order!

At the conclusion of the Kickstarter,
supporters will have an option of choosing either Tim Lim's main cover, or Mark's variant.
You can also choose both for only another $10 -- with no additional postage charge.

Remember, these will be printed exclusively to Kickstarter orders ONLY!
So these very limited print runs will be instantly Sold Out when released.
You've got this one chance to pick these up at the original price before they start showing up on at $600 a pop.

The next level will be hardcovers with dust wrappers at $2500 --
and $3000 in pledges will unlock perhaps the Wildest illustration of the Wild Stars yet!
Nefarimor the Red Queen

June 15th Update!

After receiving glowing reviews like:

". . . a manly hunk of manliness . . .
"Wild Stars III will put hair on your chest."

I thought I should point out that Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon also features a cast of several very strong women.

In fact, the Cirsova publisher's favorite character is the woman facing a Red Grief in this illustration by Mark Wheatley.

For long-time readers of the Wild Stars, there is also a surprise appearance by another key female character from the past,
which is gauranteed to shock.

Wild Stars V3 #7 comic Force Majeure Prairie Bay #1

June 14th Update!

Just saw issue #7 of the 2002 Wild Stars Volume 3 comic book series (left)
being offered on for $608.28.

Sounds a little high, but they do offer Free Shipping.

This 64-page comic book is just one of the many bonus items already unlocked
in the Kickstarter offering of the Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon --
the limited Cirsova Special magazine edition.

Order Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon on this link,
and you'll not only save $598.28 on the Wild Stars #7 comic --
you'll get the entire rest of the 7-issue Volume 3 series,
plus a copy of the 2002 Force Majeure: Prairie Bay #1 (right)
which is currently unavailable on --
ALL as free bonuses with your order.

But there is a nominal shipping charge.


June 8th Update!

Having blown quickly past all the initial incentive levels, a new level was just announced today!
Once orders surpass the $2,000 level, we'll be offering a variant wraparound cover by Mark Wheatley.

Wild Stars 3 alternate cover

Mark put a good 80 hours into creating this impressive image, and you can see every minute of time displayed in the final work!

None of this should detract from the fantastic main cover turned in by Tim Lim.
One reviewer was so impressed with Tim's work that he wrote:

". . . a manly hunk of manliness . . .
"Wild Stars III will put hair on your chest."

You can read the entire review on Review on Passing It Forward:

The Multiversal Scribe magazine

Who or What IS The Multiversal Scribe?

Since The Multiversal Scribe magazine is one of the feature bonus items in my Wild Stars 3 Kickstarter offering, here are some details:

In 1977 I was circulating my novel Wild Stars Rising across the desks of various book publishing editors and decided to publish some of my work independently.

The Multiversal Scribe would never have happened had I not been working in the Wichita, Kansas printing industry at the time.
The printer I was working for didn't do this type of work, so I contracted with another printer.
TMS waste of contemplation Typsetting was a laborious effort in this time --
and projects came back from the typesetters on long strips that had to be cut and glued into place on the page.
Learning that the printer I'd paid a deposit was on the verge of bankruptcy, I cut and pasted the entire 32-page magazine in one night. When I handed it back to them the next day, they were stunned.
Sure enough, this was the last job that company printed.
Even with my all-night assembly, it wouldn't have happened had I not been working with the president of the local Printer's Union.
The bankrupt printer looked upset to learn upon delivery that I was moving away from Wichita.
Never did recover the original art for the covers.

What I did recover was a box with these copies, long-forgotten in the back room of my 37-year old comic store,
which I'm sharing now with readers of my current stories of the Wild Stars.

The Multiversal Scribe features 22 illustrations and five different stories in five different genres, along with a different kind of editorial:

The Table of Contents lists A Visual Editorial Upone the Waste of Contemplation on Page 2.
I've had a number of people tell me about the different things they see in this picture.
Some see a pair of eyes, others see other things.
But it's just a weird picture. That's all.
You're just wasting you time looking for deeper meaning.

The Multiversal Scribe magazine TMS waste of contemplation

Around the turn of the Nineteenth Century into the Twentieth, a colloquy was a popular form of fiction where a young man asks advice from an old wise man.
The form is still with us today in cartoons of aged wise men sitting in caves on mountain tops.
I took the rules of a colloquy and reversed them in The Cities of Man.
The story doesn't actually end with the words.
It ends with the picture to the right.

The Multiversal Scribe magazine

The Boundaries of Decision is firmly set in the world of the Wild Stars.
In Wild Stars 3, it's told how the character named Bully Bravo has seen cities built on remote worlds where he laid the first footsteps.
This science fiction short story is about one of those cities.
This illustration was also the cover for Ecstacy Oblivion #2.
The Multiversal Scribe magazine

Whence Has Passed the Hero? is a fantasy short story about a king faced with rebellion over his perceived mistreatment of a hero.
But things are not as they seem.

The Multiversal Scribe magazine

"Razor Edge" is a five-plate portfolio based on the theme of things with sharp edges. The Multiversal Scribe magazine

People told me that I'd lost my mind in the social science story titled Indeed.
It tells of a future with 24-hour television --
remember, this was 1977 when all the TV stations closed down every night from midnight until 6AM.
Even more unreal to readers was the concept of reality television.
The story focuses on one reality channel that ran all day long, so that part hasn't come true . . . yet!

The Multiversal Scribe magazine

The Rebirth of Thunder is a sword and sorcery tale.
But it's like the grand masters of science fiction always said:
advanced science can appear to be magic to less advanced peoples.
The way the rope bridge just disappears in front of the running figures is intentional.
It's part of the story.

And that's the story behind the stories of The Multiversal Scribe!

June 1, 2018 Update!

Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon has already sold twice its initial goal on Kickstarter.

This means that all backers now get a FREE set of the 2001-2002 Wild Stars Volume 3 comics -- the full run from #1 through the 64-page #7!

Ironically, I'd printed these extra sets as part of the original run in anticipation of making them into a bonuses for my Wild Stars board game.
While the board game didn't get made then -- the game is currently being evaluated by a group of professional test players!
Everything is available here!
Wild Stars 3 - Wheatley 1 color

June 1, 2018 Update!




Am I shouting? Feels like I'm shouting . . .


Michael Tierney's Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon to be Published by Cirsova Publishing

WS3 cirsova cover

Little Rock, AR 6/01/2018 -- Cirsova Publishing has teamed up with Little Rocket Publications on the eve of the 35th anniversary of Michael Tierney's Wild Stars to publish a special edition of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon. Wild Stars 3 interior art

Faster-than-light scouts are arriving at distant suns to discover that they have been "replaced" by white dwarfs and their planets have gone missing -- Terraformers find a world that shows signs of previous human colonization: who were those people and where did they go? The saga of the Wild Stars continues as former-President Bully Bravo seeks to solve these mysteries while pursued by an evil pirate queen and a rogue time-traveler trying to create a god.

Over the last 35 years, the world of the Wild Stars has come to encompass multiple comics, novels, art folios, and a zine, and it has featured work by comic industry veterans Frank Brunner (Doctor Strange, Howard the Duck), Dave Simons (Ghost Rider), Armando Gil (Ka-Zar the Savage, Conan the King), and David Brewer (Cable, Deadpool). This new illustrated novel features cover art by Tim Lim (Donald Thump, My Hero Magademia) and interior illustrations by Mark Wheatley (Jonny Quest, Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall). .

This edition of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon will be a Kickstarter exclusive; it is available for pre-order now ( and will ship in September. Cirsova Publishing and Little Rocket Publications will also be making an extensive catalog of older Wild Stars material, including some of the few remaining original Wild Stars comics and art portfolios from the 1980s, available to new fans and old. michaelphoto1
Beyond the Farthest Star
Michael Tierney has been involved in comics and the publishing industry since the 70s. Owner and proprietor of both The Comic Book Store and Collector's Edition, Michael was a Finalist for both the Star*Reach Comics Retailer of the Year Award in 1985 and the Will Eisner Spirit of the Comics Retailer of the Year Award in 1999, has been an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Advisor since the 1990s, and is a staple of Central Arkansas' comic scene. A former journeyman printer and printing division manager, he's written, published, and at times even penciled, inked, and printed his own comics. He is currently writing, lettering, and coloring Edgar Rice Burroughs' Beyond the Farthest StarTM. Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon comes right on the heels of his four volume Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology published by Chenault & Gray. Michael has been a regular contributor to Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.

Cirsova Publishing is a Central Arkansas small publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Its flagship publication, Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine was a 2017 Hugo Awards finalist for Best Semi-Pro Zine.

Cirsova magazine 2 Cirsova magazine 5 Cirsova magazine 7 Cirsova #9

For Information:
Michael Tierney/Little Rocket Publications:
Cirsova: / Twitter: @cirsova

To read what the critics thought of WILD STARS I and II, visit the REVIEWS PAGE.

Michael Tierney's bibliography can be found here!


All three editions are availble now at, or locally at either
Collector's Edition in North Little Rock,
or at The Comic Book Store in Little Rock.

Mary Tierney painting

For other preview material, you might like the page dedicated to the
impressive oil paintings by Mary Tierney. In the trade paperback they
are reproduced in black & white. They can be seen in their glorious
full color only in the original comics and the new 35th Anniversary
Hardcover edition
of Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated.

Wild Stars navigational chart:

Wild Stars History

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Under The Wild Stars novel

New Millennium

Wild Stars Volume 2

Production Notes

Mary Tierney painting

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Wild Stars vol. 2 #1


Wild Stars: The Book of Circles - Recalbirated - 25th Anniversary Edition

Chief Press

Mary Tierney Paintings

Free Preview Issue

Wild Stars 2 Preview

Wild Stars 3 preview

Wild Stars 4 Preview


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