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Swimming in liquid topaz

Dive Log 13:
Dutch West Indies continued
Saint Kitts: 2 Dives -- February 7, 2007
Statia -- February 8, 2007

Saint Kitts: 2 Dives-- February 7, 2007

These were the best dives of the trip. Explored a lot of underwater wreckage, which always makes for the best fish habitats.

There was a bulldozer, a good-sized wreck, and a van. For some reason, when I was swimming around the van, I could almost hear the music of Bob Marley playing. Must have been the Caribbean influence.

The shots of the sea turtle were in the galley of the wrecked ship. The second one shows him swimming out of the paneless picture window.

There was a full moon during the cruise, and I caught my first sight of coral polyps spawning. It's very hard to get a picture of a polyp's tentacles, since they almost always retract when divers approach.

St. Kitts 9 St. Kitts 4 St. Kitts 5 St. Kitts 6 St. Kitts 7 St. Kitts 1 St. Kitts 2 St. Kitts 8 St. Kitts 10 St. Kitts 11 St. Kitts 12 St. Kitts 13 St. Kitts 14

Statia -- February 8, 2007

Statia was a simple, 41 minute dive to a depth of 58 feet.

Statia 6 Statia 1 Statia 2 Statia 3 Statia 4 Statia 5 Statia 7 Statia 8 Statia 9

Dive Log 14:
Dutch West Indies concluded -- February 9, 2007
Saint Bartholomew's
The Green Flash

Saint Barts 11

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