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The Paintings of Mary Tierney

My mother, Mary Tierney, sold a lot of her paintings, which was her goal. She gave many more away to friends and family. After she passed, I bought back what I could.

Pictured here is a tiny fraction of her work. All of the following graced the inside covers of my Wild Stars - Volume Three comics. They are also now availbe in full color for the first time in a collected edition in the hardcover (only ... the trade paperback is still black & white) release of
Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated 35th Anniversary Edition.

I hope you enjoy them.

Michael Tierney
Mary Tierney Painting 1
Mary Tierney Painting 2 Mary Tierney Painting 4 Mary Tierney Painting 5 Mary Tierney Painting 6 Mary Tierney Painting 7 Mary Tierney Painting 8 Mary Tierney Painting 9 Mary Tierney Painting 11 Mary Tierney Painting 14 Mary Tierney Painting 12 Mary Tierney Painting 15 Mary Tierney Painting 16
Mary Tierney Painting 10

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Mary Tierney Paintings

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