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All images © Copyright 2008 Michael Tierney



michaeldiving by Michael Tierney

Latest cartoons

If I hadn't been so successful as a book retailer, I might have pursued my secret desire to create humor cartoons.
I still do, but it's just for fun! These are my more recent works.

The consequences of Schrödinger's paradox.

Sometimes it seems like the hanging Judge Roy Bean is still with us.
This kangaroo court appearance can apply to so many situations!

There was more than one version of the Mona Lisa. This is thought to be the earliest.

There has been a lot of chatter about the King of England's new official portrait.
What most people don't realize is there was an earlier version that was rejected
because it had "Too much of a Doctor Who vibe to it."

Speaking of Doctor Who, it was recently learned he had a connection to the old adage:
"An apple a day keeps the Doctor away."

The long-simmering frenemy situation between Batman and Superman leads to a showdown!

Pokemon cards are an international phenomenon.
But one thing that always seemed strange about them was the basic concept about kids making animals fight each other.
Sure, they're impossible creatures of fantasy, but the game mechanics are two animals battling in a pit.
I've often wondered if Michael Vick ever mumbled to himself: "I got into a lot of trouble for that kind of s#it!"

Here are a couple of memes that I created during the Kansas City Chief's run to Super Bowl 58.
The first was a prediction that proved prophetic,
when the Chiefs went on the road a proved all the prognosticators wrong by winning the AFC Championship in Baltimore.
The second infers that three-time (so far) Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes is the Terminator.
The third substitutes Liam Neeson's famous quote from Taken for Mahome's confrontation with Raider's player, Crosby

Traditional cartoons

In 1999 and 2000, I tried to get some use out of the duo-shade material I had left over after creating the unpublished version of Wild Stars Volume 3 #1, and drew up a few cartoons:

In retrospect, the politcal cartoon about the Presidential sex scandal with an intern by the former Governor of Arkansas is now in poor taste, after the events of 9-1-1. But this cartoon has a Wild Stars connection. Check the background of the Artomique invasion of the First Nations in Volume 3 #1, and you'll see somthing familiar. And, speaking of 9-1-1, interior artist Dave Simons was an eye-witness to this tragic event. In Wild Stars Volume 3 #3, there is a full page dedicated to Dave's memoir of living through this event that traumatized, and later galvanized, the nation!

The scuba diving joke is one I've told customers for years. Being a certified Master Diver, I've had shark encounters on over half my dives. Of course, it should also be pointed out that I tend to dive during feeding frenzies and in places with names like Shark Alley, Shark Grotto, Shark Junction, and... well, you get the point. The scrabble cartoon was one I'd carried in pencil for years. But, once I drew it up and started submitting it, the next thing you know, I see the gag used in the trailer for a movie that I can't remember the name of. It must have bombed.


This was a design for a shirt patch. And, no... this isn't the actual State Bird of Arkansas. But it should be. The Air Force's fleet of C-130 Transport planes are based at the Little Rock Air Force base, and can be seen constantly flying training missions around the capital city. My last house was located close to one of their air strips, and they'd fly over all the time. It made for a free air show. The only problem was that whenever I was outside swimming in the pool and the then-President would visit town, suddenly I'd have Air Force One's jet engines screaming a hundred feet over my head. Water magnifies noise.

Fun with comic book covers!

When it comes to plain and simple silliness, I still think the Comics Code Authority caused more unintentionally than anyone ever could have intentionally done!

Consider this... if Fing Fang Foom, and all the other dragons larger than a building, had to wear pants back in the Fifties (think of their tailor's bill... no wonder dragons had to hoard treasure, just to pay for their pants), then what would have happened if the code were still as strick in the Seventies?

Would they have made Godzilla wear pants, too? Godzilla in purple speedos?

Thanks to the wonders of digital technology, we no longer have to wonder what would have happend. We can see not only what was and what is, but... what might have been!

Foomzilla1 Foomzilla2

In 2009, the news that Disney would buy Marvel Comics was another opportunity for fun with comic book covers.

First up is the new Marvel logo: Captain Mickey's Shield
And isn't Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, a little old to be dating the Little Mermaid?
Namor dating Little Mermaid

But even more shocking is the realization that the long unidentified father to Huey, Louie, and Dewey was none other than Donald Duck's long-lost brother; Howard the Duck!
Brothers Donald and Howard Duck

All you need are comics!

Wrong turn at albuquerque
This gives all new meaning to the question:
"What's UP, Doc?"

Dr Who Astounding Stories origin
This book is real and unaltered. The top quote is from the text.
The bottom quotes are some of the most common from the era of the Second Doctor, Patrick Trouton.
It was a runing gag that Jaimie, a medieval Highlander whom Doctor had saved,
would start each new adventure with a brogue variation of:
"Doctor! Would you look at the size of that thing."
At some point soon after, they were running for their lives.
All of the Doctors often advised; "Run! Run!"

Pacman on the Moon

NASA continues to insist that any patterns that people might seen in the craters of the Moon
are either optical illusions or the work of digital pranksters.

tech support conversation

Jawas Are Minions

Aliens selling planetary warranty

And then the world pandemic hit...

doomsday preppers
walking freds

Bandai has lost the rights to Godzilla!
Who will own them next?
Are you ready to meet Barbie's new boyfriend?
Barbie has dumped Ken for a King!

Barbie Godzilla

Friday the 13th 2020

Luke is Leias brother

James Webb Twilight Zone photo
Loving the first photos from the new James Webb telescope.
You can even see clouds of gas shaped like words!

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