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Genzoman Cirsova #5 cover

Who and what are the Artomiques? Human Resources has your answers!

Rumor has it that our upper management actually came from an alternate reality Earth,
where European fascists developed nuclear technology first and swept the Earth clean of their enemies.

These rumors come largely from the Wild Stars series of comics, portfolios, and novels,
the latest of which, Wild Stars V: The Artomique Paradigm, posits that the Artomiques are
currently engaged in a conspiracy for world domination, and eventual control over the stars
--which is ironic considering the corporate logo shown above.

The likenesses of Artomique Corporation's upper management are even used in the
Kickstarter alternate cover, also shown above.

Artomique COO Genghis Champlain had this to say about the Wild Stars:

"People ask why we don't sue them for smearing the name of Artomique?" said Mr. Champlain.
"True, Artomique is a word that was previously only used in the prophicies of Nostradamus.
But, considering that Nostradamus predicted our existance, why would we deny
ourselves of an opportunity for other insights to any future mistakes we might make?"

Considering that the Wild Stars purports to tell the history of man's conquest of the stars,
much in the manner that frontiersmen once tamed the Wild West, it's a pragmantic veiwpoint.

And there may be more to the prophetic side of the Wild Stars than is appararent at first glance.

Wild Stars debuted as a comic book in 1984, based on a series of novels written in the mid-1970s.
Anyone who has read science fiction knows how poorly much of it ages...
yet here we have a series that not only continues to this day, but that first comic book from 1984
remains in print to this day.

Only a very small handful of independent, creator-owned comics can make that claim.

Then there were all the industry firsts that occured during making of these comics.
Volume 2 #1 of the comics was not only the first comic to feature a cover with
foil stamping and die cutting on the front cover--to this day it is still the only comic
with die cutting on the back cover. And to make this 1988 comic even more unique,
it was printed by the creator who also did all the art and lettering,
using a printer's technique to fade a background mountain throughout the print run.
This made each copy iinto a unique art print--something that has never happened before or since.

But besides being technologically advanced in concept, the Wild Stars series has also made
a number of predictions that have come true.

The Wild Stars spinoff, the Force Majeure: Prairie Bay comic that was released in 2002
predicted the existence of water on Mars, years before NASA made that discovery.
But what was so uncanny about this was how the cover of the comic showed water gysers
exploding on Mars in almost the exact same pattern that a Mars rover would catch in a snapshot--
eleven years later!

Force Majeure: Prairie Bay Mars rover picture

The Force Majeure: Prairie Bay comic was folded into the Wild Stars 2: Force Meuere
novel in 2014, and again made new predictions. An object called a Marzanti spike was
described as a mode of transpermia colonization, containing the blueprint of water creatures
whose biology would act to reform life on a planet in their own image.
Three years after that book was published, the interstellar rock spike scientists called
Oumuamua passed through our solar system.

Even Harvard students speculated on this
space rock's potential to carry life across the galaxy.
Marzanti spike

And just recently another piece of his science fiction became science fact, in the previously unpublished sequel pages
to that original 2002 Force Majeure: Prairie Bay comic, the Wild Stars writer populated a spaceship with scientists who
all had lower limb disabilities. It does seem like a logical opportunity, given that the muscle
atrophy problems associated with spaceflight would not affect them. So, even though the pages were created 20 years
before, the actual publishing date on this prediction was only five years before the following fact.

The European Space Agency seems to have agreed with the concept of putting disabled people in space,
and is trying to do the same thing:

Force Majeure: Prairie Bay

Another prediction that was 20 years ahead of its time was the use of rotor to fly the skies of mars,
when that same Force Majeure: Prairie Bay comic postulated the use of helicopter rotors as an emergency descent device.
Now NASA is using helicopter rotors to explore Mars.

rotors on Mars rotors on Mars predicted

Who knows what the other event the more recent Wild Stars books might predict in the future?

NASA has already acknowledge that the concept of water/ice ships, similar to the ice ship used
in the Force Majeure: Prairie Bay sequel would protect interstellar travelers from radiation.
This is a concept that no one has yet acted upon.

Force Majeure: Prairie Bay

In Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon, the concept of colonizing Venus in an Earthlike layer of clouds
was predicited--another concept NASA has since begun to investigate.
Plus, the mytery of Planet X, some large force on the edge of our galaxy was predicted to
be a black hole in symbiotic orbit with Earth's sun--another concept that only recently has
begun to be considered by scientists.

These and other unexplained phenomenon about the contents of the Wild Stars certainly bears
out COO Champlain's assertion.

A request for an interview with Artomique CEO Achilles Hister was denied
because one of our questions asked if there were any connection betwen his last name
and the Hister mentioned by Nostradamus, which most scholars interpret to have been
a reference to Adolf Hitler.

We were also asked to convey a stern caution to any employee who uses the Wild Stars Role Playing Game
to portray either CEO Hister, COO Champlain, or Head of Operations Georgian Raveling in a manner
that could be considered "less than complimentary."

To learn the true history behind the Artomiques, it is suggested that the answers may indeed
lie in the pages of Wild Stars V: The Artmique Paradign, as well well as the
Wild Stars Omnibus that collects nearly forty years of previous appearances by
the Wild Stars and the enigmatic Artomiques.

Artomique Corporation employees can find them on sale in the company lounge.
In these pages you will discover the drawings that upper management uses for their profiles,
instead of the traditional photos used in most companies!

It's amazing just how much the current generation looks like the Artomique Corporation's
founding fathers!

Wld Stars 5 Wild Stars Omnibus

Artomique Corporation Management Photo
Illustration by David Brewer.

Memo from Management:

Wild Stars revealed

ws preview banner

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