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Manta Ray - Flower Gardens, Gulf of Mexico 2000.
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Wild Stars 8: The Superior Griefs

The Superior Griefs begins its serialization in the Spring 2024 issue of Cirsova Magazine. Atlanta (aka: Nyree Shawnee) is back--front and center!
Reputed to be the "Most dangerous woman alive," and blamed for the Force Majeure event that occurred on Mars in Volume 2, the Dire Grief she saved is also back.
The Griefs are a product of the intergalactic Marzanti's planetary bio-engineering, and variations of their species appear on all the worlds still in the
first stage of this process--which includes Earth. Ruling over the Griefs on each world are the Superior Griefs. The fate of three worlds hang in the balance
as three Superiors vie for dominance, and one world will not survive.

Part One Review:

"Cirsova Magazine is back with more of the best adventure stories to be found today... a new Wild Stars novel from Michael Tierney"

Celebrating the Wild Stars' 40th Anniversary!

February 20, 2024 Update:

To promote the release of Wild Stars 8: The Superior Griefs in this year's issues of Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense,
Cirsova Publishing has released the first ever Wild Stars Trading Card Set!

And they're FREE!

Here's all the details for Free Women of Wild Stars Trading Card that Cirsova posted on February 19, 2024.

"We’re giving away sets of four Wild Stars trading cards FOR FREE while supplies last!
Each of these cards features a portrait of one of the Women of the Wild Stars by Zienu with backgrounds by Michael Tierney.
Rosetta Stonewolf – The KanZe shamaness who helped defeat the Artomiques in their own timeline.
Daestar – The powerful psychic spy who created the Book of Circles but fell in love her mark, Erlik, and married him.
Atlanta – The granddaughter of Erlik and “Most dangerous (unlucky) woman in the galaxy”.
Red Queen – The notorious space pirate leader and shapeshifting daughter of the God Father.

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (A1 3.625 x 5.125 recommended) to the address below, and we’ll send you a complete set of trading cards!"

Cirsova Publishing
P.O. Box 56023
Little Rock, AR

Cirsova will also be sending out singles with kickstarter orders and other giveaways throughout 2024, while supplies last.

Coming in 2024!

July 3, 2023 Update:

Today I accepted Cirsova Publications' first rights offer for my Wild Stars 8: The Superior Griefs
which the editor called "a fantastic story" and will be serialized in the 2024 issues of Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure.
This keeps me on my one Wild Stars novel a year pace, heading for the big finale's 2028 release with Wild Stars 12: The Star Harvesters.
Michael Tierney

Wild Stars 8 wanted poster

Who is Michael Tierney?

michaelphoto1 Beyond the Farthest Star
Michael Tierney has been involved in comics and the publishing industry since the 70s. Owner and proprietor of both The Comic Book Store and Collector's Edition, Michael was a Finalist for both the Star*Reach Comics Retailer of the Year Award in 1985 and the Will Eisner Spirit of the Comics Retailer of the Year Award in 1999, has been an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Advisor since the 1990s, and is a staple of Central Arkansas' comic scene. A former journeyman printer and printing division manager, he's written, published, and at times even penciled, inked, and printed his own comics. He is currently writing, lettering, and coloring Edgar Rice Burroughs' Beyond the Farthest StarTM online, and his four volume Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology was published by Chenault & Gray in 2018.
His four volume Robert E. Howard 100 Year Catalog Art Chronology was published by Chenault & Gray in 2023.

Michael has been a regular contributor to Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, who released the 2019 35th Anniversary set of Michael's Wild Stars comics and books. Cirsova Publishing is a Central Arkansas semi-pro publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Its flagship publication, Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine was a 2017 Hugo Awards finalist for Best Semi-Pro Zine.

They also published Michael's posthumas collaboration with Edgar Rice Burroughs on Young Tarzan in 2019.

Cirsova magazine 2 Cirsova magazine 5 Cirsova magazine 7 Cirsova #9 Young Tarzan Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5 Wild Stars 5 in Cirsova 5 Wild Stars 5 The Artomique Paradigm Part 2 of 3 Wild Stars 5 Artomique Paradigm part 3 >Cirsova 8 Cirsova V2 9 winter 2021 Wild Stars 6 part 1 Cirsova 10 Wild Stars 6 part 2 Cirsova 11 Wild Stars part 3 Cirsova Fall 2022 Wild Stars 7: The Gold Exegency Wild Stars 7 Part 2

For Information:
Michael Tierney/Little Rocket Publications:
Cirsova: / Twitter: @cirsova

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Michael Tierney's bibliography can be found here!