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The Wild Stars pages shown above without text are copytright 2014 by Michael Tierney.


Wild Stars Reviews

Under the Wild Stars

Under the Wild Stars

Review from

"SF novel of time travel and alien recruitment, sequel to author's self-published books. Essentially an elegantly bound manuscript, with illustrations by the author, this is a signed, limited edition of 25."

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Wild Stars Volume 3
2001-2002 comics

Review excerpt from
The Comic Shop News
by Cliff Biggers:

"This time traveling saga delves into the briny deep and the seas of space with equal aplomb."


Review excerpt from
Comic Book Resources
by Augie De Blieck Jr.:

"Absolutely beautiful stuff"


Review excerpt from
by Ben Herman:

Tremendous ... a very strong story ... be sure to give it a look."


Article excerpt from
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper

"Superior to many of the comics offered by the Big Three publishers."


Review excerpt from
Comic Book Electronic Magazine
by David LeBlanc:

"Real treasure ... Super cool ...
The story is involved but each book pretty much stands on its own. Good storytelling technique ...
Great covers ... a very nice package ... worth checking out."

Force Majeure: Prarie Bay

Force Majeure: Prairie Bay #1

Review excerpt from
by Jeff Chon:

"Force Majeure is a very pretty book. It ... contains beautifully rendered art, and is based around a fairly interesting premise. I picked it up on a lark and really enjoyed myself.
That's about as good as you can get.

"The story is very engaging with interesting characters and crackling sci-fi movie dialogue. There's a lot of good things here."

Wild Stars first edition graphic novel

Review excerpt by
Don D'Ammassa

"'s quite good. The story is a bit --
dare I say comic bookish? -- for most sf fans, but the story is more complex and even intelligent than in most similar materials I've seen.
If you like this kind of material at all, you should find this one a satisfying buy."


Review by
R.J. Carter
of The Trades:

"Michael Tierney's Wild Stars is a graphic novel that has been twenty years in the making, drawing upon it's earlier incarnations as first a text novel and then as three separate comic book series. Visually it shows as, rearranged by the author into a more chronological telling than the comics presented, the reader can notice sharply contrasting changes in art style as the various pencillers came on board and the series evolved.

"But what is Wild Stars about, specifically?

"It's a science fiction story involving spaceships and time-travel. It's a historical adventure about ancient Native American tribes. It's a ghost story about a Civil War soldier and his namesake descendant. It's a crime drama revolving around drug runners and the search for Adolf Hitler. It's a mystery surrounding a cosmic case of mistaken identity.

"And it's probably a dozen other things, beside.

"Wild Stars is a story that is very demanding of the reader, filled to bursting with subplots and hidden storylines that aren't always apparent on first blush. This isn't your basic "Introduce the bad guy and his evil plot, here comes the hero to stop him, battle battle battle, victory and the end." You can't casually read through this book; it requires you to think. But for readers making the commitment, the payoff is worth the investment.

"Upon reading the first chapter, the reader will be inclined to ask himself exactly what is happening. Upon reaching the middle of the book, the reader will be no closer to catching up with the plot that he is now certain is a literary runaway freight train with track continually being laid out in front of it as it progresses forward. Not until the climax of the story are the seemingly disparate threads brought together for an elegantly simple ending, leaving the reader feeling much like a stupefied Watson at the end of a Sherlock Holmes adventure. Of course, if you pay attention, there is a sequence near the center of it all that serves to put the reader on the proper trail, as the Artomique soldier, Georgian Raveling, is captured and questioned by a South American drug smuggler--and tells a tale that defies belief:

Georgian: You want to hear a truth that you'll never believe? Fine! We were attached to the Supreme Commander of the Western Crusade.

Mendez: What?

Georgian: Our original goal was to recover a lost nuclear bomb. Instead we discovered a weapon so powerful that it destroyed the world.

Max: The world looks like it's in pretty good shape to me.

Georgian: My reality was destroyed. Our history was different. The United States never existed. Fascism conquered a world where rotor technology was developed instead of propellers. We're chasing a man with a time travel device that he used to change history. That scuba diver might be the destroyer of worlds!

"So climb aboard, keep your eye on the shell games that go on with Carlton MacKanaly and his clone, Carlton MacKanaly (yes, really) as Tierney takes you from the travelling space city of Magoria to the sunken treasures off Bad Juju Reef to the burning marijuana fields outside of Argenta and ultimately to New Atlantis. It's a long ride with a lot of sights to see. Settle in and have your tickets ready, because once it starts there's nowhere to get off until the last page."

R.J. Carter


Review excerpt by
Guy Lancaster
April, 2008
Arkansas' Free Press Newspaper:

"The story of Wild Stars stretches ambitiously across space and time, from small-town murders to the destruction of planets, with every event given multiple layers of meaning. Truth be told, I was lost more than once, but even then it still proved a strangely compelling read, as if the damned thing just wouldn't leave my hands until I got to the end.

"It's the equivelent of a long line of dominoes being set to fall -- events happen one after another in such rapid succession that we barely have time to absorb the significance of what's going on before moving ever onward."

" one can fault the earnest vision of the creator in tying together in one book stories of backwoods dirty dealings with horrors of genocide on a galactic scale."

Guy Lancaster

review on

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

"This is an epic story told on the grandest of scales ... if you enjoyed ... 'Babylon 5' or are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien ... you will enjoy this book."

Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure

review by

"Wild Stars: Force Majeure ... delivers staggeringly new SF concepts.
Innovative ... epic ... brilliant ...

WILD STARS and WILD STARS: FORCE MAJEURE forms a standout work of science fiction that takes a new ... perspective on nearly everything it introduces."

"Excellent ... this one will not disappoint."

review on

Cirsova #2

Another Cirsova contributor mentioned my Shark Fighter story during his YouTube GeekGab podcast (visit this link).
Check it out starting at the 25 minute mark and continuing through when the host shouts:
"Stop the bus! A guy's fighting a shark!"
"Stop the bus!"
I'll take that review! Shark Fighter Reviews (visit this link):

"Well written and there is a powerful emotional punch at its core."

"... not light fare, but ... meaty and gripping adventure"

"a grim sort of redemption" Shark Fighter Review for the variant cover (visit this link):

"... kudos to Michael Tierney for the mythic twist that gave his "Shark Fighter" an added chill."

Cirsova #5

5 Star review on
"What surprised me was "The Bears of 1812" by Michael Tierney.
... it was really interesting. I like what he did with Sacagawea ... very satisfying ... (one of) my favorites."

Out of Print Wild Stars








The Multiversal Scribe Magazine (1977)

Across the Distance Portfolio

Wild Stars Volume One #1 (Summer 1984)

Wild Stars Portfolio One

Wild Stars Volume Two #1 (Winter 1988)

Under the Wild Stars

Wild Stars Volume Three #1
(July 2001)

Wild Stars Volume Three #2
(October 2001)

Wild Stars Volume Three #3
(January 2002)

Wild Stars Volume Three #4
(February 2002)

Wild Stars Volume Three #5
(March 2002)

Wild Stars Volume Three #6
(April 2002)

Force Majeure: Prarie Bay #1
(May 2002)

Wild Stars Volume Three #7
(July 2002 - 64 page Finale)

Wild Stars -- The Book of Circles Graphic Novel

Wild Stars -- The Book of Circles - Recalibrated
25th Anniversary Edition



Under The Wild Stars novel





Wild Stars: The Book of Circles - Recalbirated - 25th Anniversary Edition
Shown below are the out-of-print Wild Stars Chronicles,
a limited edition set of hardcovers released in 2008.

Top Row: Nebula 71 (written in 1971); Ceobra (1974); The Catalyst (1976); Moonshadow (1978); Wild Stars Rising (1976-77).

Bottom Row: First Marker (1978); and the prequel/sequel to First Marker, Under the Wild Stars from 1998. These were the source material for all the Wild Stars comics.

Chief 17 press
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check out the Wild Stars Production Notes!

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Wild Stars History

Multiversal Scribe magazine


Under The Wild Stars novel

New Millennium

Wild Stars Volume 2

Production Notes

Mary Tierney painting

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Volume 2 preview

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Wild Stars vol. 2 #1


Wild Stars: The Book of Circles - Recalbirated - 25th Anniversary Edition

Chief Press

Mary Tierney Paintings

Free Preview Issue

Volume 2 Preview


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