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dutchwestindies From Arkansas to the Dutch West Indies 2007


Little Rocket Publications

Collector's Edition

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Or write, call, or stop by to shop at our headquarters, located at:

Collector's Edition/Little Rocket Publications
3217 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
North Little Rock, AR 72116

JFK Blvd. and Hwy 107 are one and the same road, being a main corridor through the city, that starts at the intersection of I-30 and I-40. Located a few blocks off that intersection, Collector's Edition is at the top of Historic Park Hill and at the very center of the map of Arkansas.

If you're headed in either direction on I-40, take they Hwy 107 North Exit, and then turn North.

If you're crossing the Arkansas River on the I-30 bridge, headed North, stay in the middle lane and go left when it splits, as if you're going to I-40 West. Before you get there the road splits again, and this time stay right and take the Highyway 107 North Exit, then turn North.

If you find yourself on Main Street, then you went South. Turn back around, and the road name will change to JFK Blvd. once you pass over the highway bridge.

For those taking the Central Arkansas Transportation (CAT) bus, they do make a stop at our front door.
Store Map
Or you can visit our other location, The Comic Book Store at 9301 Treasure Hill Road in Little Rock, just off of Rodney Parham Road, two blocks West of Resevoir Road.

Take the Rodney Parhap exit off Highway I-430 and go East (turn left if you're headed South, or right if you're headed North).

From I-630, take the Rodney Parham exit and go to the light at Treasure Hill. If you're headed West, you go straight across the intersection at the exit light, and that's where Rodney Parham begins. If you're headed East, you'll have to take two left turns to get to that point. Also, if you're headed West on I-630 and miss the exit, you could just continue on to I-430 and take it North to Rodney Parham.

From either direction, continue down Rodney Parham Road until you get to the light at Treasure Hill. Then turn between the Taco Bell and Advanced Auto Parts store (on the corners), and you can't miss us on the right.

For those taking the Central Arkansas Transportation (CAT) bus, they do make a stop at the corner.
Comic Book Store