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Comic Book Store Free Comic Book Day 2018 (photos above by Kim Capers)
From Arkansas to the Dutch West Indies Copyright 2008 Michael Tierney


The Comic Book Store

9307 Treasure Hill
Little Rock, AR 72227
Store hours: Monday through Saturday 10 to 5,
Wednesday 10 to 6

Email us at:

Comic Book Store

Pokemon Go

The Comic Book Store is a Pokemon Go Stop!

In fact, we're two stops in one. If you drive around the rear of the building you can access a second Pokemon Go Stop on our back parking lot.

While you don't have to come into the store to interact with Pokemon Go, if you do, we have a great selection of the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

Destination Comics! spotlight in CBG
The Comic Book is the second comics specialty store opened (in 1989) and operated by Michael Tierney, an Overstreet Price Guide Advisor and also a Trendwatcher for The Comic Buyer's Guide. He was a finalist for the 1987 Star*Reach Retailer of the Year Award, and the 1999 Will Eisner's Spirit of the Comics Retailer of the Year Award. For more details, see the Bonus section.

Along with Michael's original store, Collector's Edition in North Little Rock, The Comic Book Store was a Destination Comics! feature location in issue #1664 (April 2010) of the Comics Buyer's Guide magazine. The Comic Book Store first opened in Little Rock, Arkansas, in June of 1989, moving to the Treasure Hill address in June of 1990.

CBG issue #1604, May 2005
high profile

Michael was also featured in a 2005 Comics Buyer's Guide article about comics retailing, and again in 2009 the High Profile section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper, in an article that focussed as much on his publishing (see the Wild Stars History) as on the stores.

The Comics Buyer's Guide issue #1604, May 2005 shown left, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper, (Click this link, or the image above to read this article) Sunday August 9, 2009, shown right. (Click this link, or the image above, to read the article)


The Comic Book Store carries 2400 square feet of new comics, with a special emphasis on independent publishers, graphic novels, and what's been described by out of state customers as "One of the largest selections of back issue comics in the country."

Jaimie Hernandez artwork Jaimie Hernandez artwork When entering either store, your eyes will be met by not only a huge varienty of inventory, but also a variety of store decor that includes original art. Here's the background of just one image. In 1999, owner Michael Tierney participated in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, shown in this article from The Comics Buyer's Guide. Jaimie Hernandez artwork Jaimie Hernandez artwork

Also shown in this image is Jaimie Hernandez (of the Hernandez Brothers, creators of Love & Rockets) during his sketch session. Afterwards, Jaimie gifted the sketch shown,
described as "Penny Century after a dozen kids."

Jaimie Hernandez artwork
For information on what's being released new each week, sales, signings, and other events, check out the what's new page.

Available now from store owner, Michael Tierney:

ERBAC Volume 2 Advertising cover

Click on the picture above, or this link, to view a webpage filled with preview images that show the massive selection of images contained in the Edgar Rice Burroughs' 100 Year Art Chronology!

Store hours: Monday through Saturday 10 to 6

The Comic Book Store
9307 Treasure Hill
Little Rock, AR 72227

Email us at:

How to find us:

You'll find The Comic Book Store in the popular shopping area of West Little Rock, on Treasure Hill Road just off of Rodney Parham Road, two blocks West of Resevoir Road.

Take the Rodney Parhap exit off Highway I-430 and go East (turn left if you're headed South, or right if you're headed North).

From I-630, take the Rodney Parham exit and go to the light at Treasure Hill. If you're headed West, you go straight across the intersection at the exit light, and that's where Rodney Parham begins. If you're headed East, you'll have to take two left turns to get to that point. Also, if you're headed West on I-630 and miss the exit, you could just continue on to I-430 and take it North to Rodney Parham.

From either direction, continue down Rodney Parham Road until you get to the light at Treasure Hill. Then turn between the Taco Bell and Advanced Auto Parts store (on the corners), and you can't miss us on the right.

For those taking the Central Arkansas Transportation (CAT) bus, they do make a stop at the corner.
Store Map

Batgirl at 2014 FCBD 501st Stormtroopers at 2014 FCBD Thanks to everyone who made our 2014 Free Comic Book Day the best ever! Special thanks go to the 501st, whom everyone had a great time meeting, and hauled away that rebel agitator named Luke Sky-something. A great time was had by all!
501st Stormtroopers