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Wild Stars page art, shown above without text, are copyright 2001-2021 by Michael Tierney.

Wild Stars interior cover Wild Stars interior cover

Do you want to solve the mysteries of the universe?

Enter here to explore the Wild Stars, and learn the explanations behind UFOs and Space Gods. This isn't the Twilight Zone. This is the region of the Milky Way Galaxy known as the WILD STARS!

Wild Stars 2: Force Majuere

"Wild Stars: Force Majeure ... delivers staggeringly new SF concepts. Innovative ... epic ... brilliant ...
WILD STARS and WILD STARS: FORCE MAJEURE forms a standout work of science fiction that takes a new ... perspective on nearly everything it introduces."

review by

"Excellent ... will not disappoint."

review on

Michael Tierney's Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon
Published by Cirsova Publishing

WS3 cirsova cover

SOLD OUT! -- Cirsova Publishing teamed up with Little Rocket Publications on the eve of the 35th anniversary of
Michael Tierney's Wild Stars to publish multiple special editions of Wild Stars III: Time Warmageddon.
Main trade paper cover by Tim Lim.

Alternative trade paper cover by Mark Wheatley
Wild Stars 3 - alternate cover Cirsova edition

Hardcover dust wrapper cover by Mark Wheatley, presented in virgin format without type or bar code.

Click the images above or this link for more details!

Tara Cuvelier at rated Wild Stars III as an 8.8 on a scale of 10.

". . . absolutely awesome.
I thoroughly enjoyed the energetic romp that is Wild Stars III." has Wild Stars III rated 5 out of 5 Stars:

"The Wild Stars series is built for people who want a story that is rich with drama, thick with story..."

Here are excerpts from a Review on Passing It Forward:

". . . a manly hunk of manliness . . .
Wild Stars III will put hair on your chest."

Michael Tierney and Cirsova Publishing
team up once again for:

Wild Stars IV: Wild Star Rising

Wild Stars 1 cirsova front cover Wild Stars 2 cirsova front cover Wild Stars 3 new cirsova cover Wild Stars 4
Wild Stars Omnibus
Click on the links or the images above for details about Cirsova's plans to not only release Wild Stars 4,
but also Volumes 1 through 3 in a matching set under new covers, along with a
700-plus page hardcover Wild Stars Omnibus containing the complete saga!

It's all part of the Wild Stars 35th Anniversary celebration!

For more background information, enjoy the following artciles:

Wild Sharks of the Wild Stars!

Wild Stars RPG cover

Open the doorway to your personal adventure into the Wild Stars!

On Sale Now!

Who are the Artomiques you ask?
Visit their website:

\Wild Stars 6: Orphan of the Shadowy Moons

Wild Stars 6 part 1 of 4

On Sale Now!

\Wild Stars 7: The Gold Exigency

On Sale Now!

Wild Stars 7 pt 1

The new book edition of Wild Stars 7: The Gold Exigency launches on Kickstarter July 15, 2024.
Click the image below to access the pre-launch page and be among the first to be notified!

\Wild Stars 8: The Superior Griefs

Now appearing now in the pages of 2024 issues Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspence!

Wild Stars 8 wanted poster

Maumelle City Council

Maumelle City Council 2020
Maumelle City Council

Maumelle City Council 2019

Follow this link (or the link on the lefthand column site map) to discover film, news clips, and classic advertisements tracing the history of Collector's Edition, The Comic Book Store, and the comics industry in general over the last 4 decades!

You'll find every video on the website, plus many new videos showing major events like the censorship battle with the state legislature, the Death of Superman, and the Bankruptcy of Marvel Comics.

This month's featured blast from the past is She-Hulk's visit to Little Rock back in the Nineties!
This video scored over 1,000 views in its first week,
and only 35% of those viewers came from the United States.
So either the picture of She-Hulk is hooking foreign viewers,
or the segway about a cow chip tossing contest has them wondering about recreational activities in America.
Maybe both.
Or maybe it's the newswoman's embarassment at the cameraman's angle for the "She-Hulk poses."

reh chronology banner logo

Robert E. Howard
Art Chronology

Created by Michael Tierney

Published by Chenault & Gray
under license by Cabinet Entertainment

Robert E. Howard, Conan, and other REH Properties are trademarks of Conan Properties International LLC,
Robert E Howard Properties LLC, and are used by permission.

The Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology now has a brother!



100 Years of Fantastic Illustrations!

ERB Art Chronology ERB Art Chronology ERB Art Chronology ERB Art Chronology

Weekly online comic strip Adventures!
Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Store 19 teaser

Beyond the Farthest Star--Book Four

Young Tarzan
A tale of Tarzan's youth begun by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1930, and twice lost.
Both the story and the story behind the story are filled with trajedy and adventure!

Fiction and Fantasy collide in this modern-day fairytale based on actual events,
appropriate for All Ages, that includes full color illustrations by author Michael Tierney!


"The Battle of the Rages" in The Mighty Sons of Hercules
"Texas Goth" in Cirsova

And others!

Michael Tierney bibliography

Fiction/Non-Fiction/Comic Strips/Artwork/Restorations/Photography

Want to know what the critics think about Young Tarzan, the Wild Stars,
and all the other fiction and non-fiction by Michael Tierney?


Made with images from the Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronlogy --

images never before seen in the US!

It's irreverant! It's worth a laugh or two! Presenting:

Tarzan Fumetti!

Tarzan fumetti

Aboslute Evil Sarah Was Judith Doris Dances>

There more books filled with tales by Hawthorne--lost for over 100 years--On Sale Now!

cosmic Romance

The Science Fiction Classic lost for over 100 years--On Sale Now!

Take a journey a hundred years into the past, courtesy of some of the greatest science fiction publications ever made--many of them inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

pulp covers


Dr Who Astounding Stories origin
This book is real and unaltered. The top quote is from the text.
The bottom quotes are some of the most common from the era of the Second Doctor, Patrick Trouton.
It was a runing gag that Jaimie, a medieval Highlander whom Doctor had saved,
would start each new adventure with a brogue variation of:
"Doctor! Would you look at the size of that thing."
At some point soon after, they were running for their lives.
All of the Doctors often advised; "Run! Run!"

For more visual fun, visit the cartoon page.

For more imformation about Doctor Who, check out:

Doctor Who and Michael


If you've never been introduced to Doctor Who, or only seen shows from the New Millennium, the older mythos can be difficult to know where to start -- with so many decades of television history to choose from!

I recently dove into this past, and here's my Guide for new viewers:

Enter here to adventure in Time And Relative Dimensions In Space -- Part One!

Dr. Who & Michael Part 2

Part One dealt with the first quartet of Doctors.
Part Two examines the second quartet.

Tarzan Large Feature #5 Tarzan Single Series #20

I've started a new section on the History of Comics. For the initial overview of how comics are made, start here.

Tarzan of the Apes is the first subject. Tarzan is a character who has been an integral part of the comics industry since the very beginning of the artform.

Click here for the full history of Tarzan of the Comics!

Tarzan sharkfighter

Tarzan's birthright isn't the only thing British about him. Tarzan comics have a very long publishing history in the foreign language known as the King's English. Explore here:

Funnnies #36 Marvel Conan #1
Tarzan wasn't the first creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Before the apeman, he created the greatest swordsman on two worlds:
John Carter of Mars!

This character ushered in the era of Sword & Sorcery.
He was the first, and mightiest of all the barbarians:

Conan the Barbarian!

Gullivar of Mars

Written in the Nineteenth Century, Phra the Phoenician was the first immortal in modern literature. While he was never adapted into comics, another creation by Phra's creator Edwin Lester Arnold was. Gullivar Jones was modern literature's first interplanetary explorer.

But that doesn't mean that Phra didn't have a history of illustration all his own. To view the original art plates from when Phra was first published in an 1890 London newspaper, visit Phra the Phoenician.

Bomba Jungle Boy 1st Edition

Tarzan has inspired many imitators over the decades.

One of the more successful was Bomba, the Jungle Boy!

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #1 Uncle Scrooge #1

Walt Disney and The Good Duck Artist

The next Comics History page is devoted to the legendary Carl Barks.

Carl Barks was always one of my favorite storytellers, being both an exceptional artist and extraordinary storyteller. It was a rare combination.

If you'd like a quick tour of the career of the man who, because he worked in an age before printed credits, was known as The Good Duck Artist, all you have to do is click this link: Disney Ducks!

True adventures of a masked Comic Book Store Guy:

Check out the Dive Logs.

Swimming in liquid topaz

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